Published Works/List
A list of my projects (complete and current) in an attempt to keep this site organized. This also links to my page on the Sailor Moon Novels, which are now out of print, and my self-published Wishing Star Books

Writing and Publishing
If you want some help getting published or just need tips on how to write in general, here's some of the info I've picked up over the years.

The means through which I entered the anime/manga community. This section has since become the most embarrassing thing in my life. Also includes my old Fanfiction--Intro and Help section for beginners.

Sleep is for the Weak (PG-13)
The anime/manga/gamer collective site I run with several other people. I'm currently the head content editor and blatant promoter of Hands Off!/Sono Te Wo Dokero. Material is for ages 13 and up, please surf with caution.

About Me
What the title implies.

As a Muslim, I felt the need to write something after 9/11.

Charity Sites to Visit Every Day:

"Don't get scared now! Didn't you decide to fight? You can cry later!"
-Carno, The Young Magician (rated 17+)

Update as of Sunday, October 23rd, 2011:
My newest original project is Tokyo Demons (rated 16+). Visit the site itself for more info. Considering this site is mostly just an archive now, I decided to fold it down into the sections that are still relevant. I'm still working on it, but for now I have an update to my
Works page and I finally took down that STUPIDLY old Tripod mirror (with the exception of some fanfiction archives). I can't believe how long some of this stuff has been sitting online with incredibly outdated information on it. Yikes.

Current Update Schedule: once or twice a year; more timely updates and announcements are on (material on there is mostly for ages 13+ unless otherwise noted)

Picture of butterfly boy kindly drawn and donated by Amy Kim Ganter, artist/writer for Tokyopop's Sorcerers & Secretaries and the amazing online comic Reman Mythology. Please send any compliments her way and refrain from posting the image on any other webpage without asking permission.

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